✔ Meeting Prepared for Cocktails - Reunion is born to give color to parties, celebrations or meetings.
✔ A unique and original complement to prepare combined with alcohol.
✔ Reunion is young, fresh and dynamic, evoking the human spirit in its need to share and enjoy.
✔ It symbolizes the strength of the volcano and the calm of a paradise, a sea where you can get lost.
✔ A cry for freedom.
✔ A magical moment to share and disconnect.
✔ The Reunion brand blends, is an original way to share a good time, a unique, natural toast, with dehydrated fruits and that allows us to give our personal touch as the best artisans.
✔ Its glass bottle, with a minimalist design and careful shapes, transmits the simplicity and security of a well-made product.
✔ A unique simplicity of preparation, filling with the desired alcohol, allowing us to add our personal touch, and with the necessary rest to reach the magical moment of an original toast.
✔ Daiquiri combination prepared to add the desired rum and enjoy an ideal cocktail.
✔ Get a Daiquiri cocktail made with white rum.
✔ Dehydrated Fruit Cocktail - If you do not know how to prepare a fruit cocktail this is the best option.
✔ Prepare an artisan cocktail with 100% dehydrated fruit.
✔ How to prepare a Daiquiri mix? - Get a cocktail prepared with white rum in Three steps: 1- Add the rum 2- Let it rest for 12-18 hours 3- Strain and pour into a glass and enjoy!

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